Bucketlist Series: Intro

In 2011, I first heard of this thing called ‘a bucketlist’. When I started writing down mine, I realized I had already made one unconsciously in my head a long time ago and had started scratching things of along the way. Only I didn’t call it a ‘bucketlist’ back then. It was merely a list with ‘things I wanted to do’.  I have decided to share with you the things I have done so far in the “Bucketlist Series”.

Making a bucketlist is a big hype these days. More and more people think about the things they want to do before they die. Some people’s list, like mine, consist mostly out of places they want to visit. The “Bucketlist Series” will not primarily be about places, but rather about activities that might have happened in a place that also used to be on the list. Still following? Good.

Maybe you want to start making a list yourself, but you don’t know where to start. You can find all the help and inspiration you want right here. The official Bucketlist website helps you create the list, it allows you to share your list with others and you can access your list wherever you want.

When you’ve made your list, feel free to share it with me! I’d love to hear about your dreams. Hopefully they can inspire me as I hope to inspire you.

Go to http://www.bucketlist.org and start your own free bucketlist right now! If you are interested, feel free to check out mine.


2 thoughts on “Bucketlist Series: Intro

  1. Anne says:

    Nice list! I can help you with one thing…publish your own book. Did it too, now my next goal is publishing a book that a lot of people also want to buy…;)
    I wish you luck with all those great things on your list….nice way to experience real life…


    • I didn’t know you wrote a book! What’s it about?
      I finished my first (long) story when I was 14, but it was a bit childish in hindsight After that, I have never found the time to finish a story again, although I came up with multiple new storylines. I guess blogging is now the replacement 🙂


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