Bucketlist #2 Jetski

In 2009, I (consciously) experienced for the first time the true kindness of a stranger. One year earlier, in Thailand, we had randomly shared a boat with the Leroux family which took us on a tour through the Klongs. After a fun day with some more activities together, they invited us over to… South Africa! The next year, that was where we spent New Year’s and Christmas.

As soon as we’d arrived at the Johannesburg airport, we were picked up by our new friends and drove over to their house. Even though it is surrounded by high, white walls that are topped off with barbed wire, it is still a little piece of paradise. We didn’t stay long, because as soon as we’d had the chance to recover a bit after the long flight, we took are stuff and were off to Oranjeville, where they had a second home hand-built by Dave and some helpers. The stilt house is situated on a big piece of land where you can race on quads, by a lake with a private beach where you can also ride… jetskis!

After a night of looking at the most beautiful starry night I have ever seen we woke up the next morning, walked over the wooden bridges, that connect the different parts of the family’s home, towards the breakfast table.  There’s where we heard we could play golf, ride the quads and the jetskis! We were allowed to use all of the facilities they had and it was just amazing proof of human kindness and generousness, something we have seen more often during our trip through South Africa.

But I have to be honest here. A lot of convincing and persuading were necessary before I could grabble together the essential bits of courage I needed to find the guts to climb on a jetski by myself. I am not eager to go fast when I am the one behind the steering wheel. On the other hand, I do love rollercoasters with all my heart. But then, somehow, I got to thinking differently: what was the worst that could happen? That I fell off? So what? I can swim, can’t I? And when I am on that jetski, I can go as fast as I want, can’t I? So, what the heck. Let’s just do this! Let’s say yes!

It wasn’t scary at all. It was easy and fun and thrilling. It was amazing. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Have you ever been on a jetski? Have you ever found the courage in yourself to do something you’re scared of?


4 thoughts on “Bucketlist #2 Jetski

  1. Riding a jetski is a very thrilling experience! If you ever get the chance, grab it.
    I might put up some more pictures of the house in the future. It is amazing what you can build with just a few pair of hands!


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