Bucketlist #5 Clay Pigeon Shooting

In August of this year, my father surprised me with the following question:

“Claudia, would you consider going laser clay pigeon shooting me?”

Say what?!

“Hell yeah! But wait… What do you mean by laser clay pigeon shooting?”

My dad had gotten an invitation to go clay pigeon shooting in an environmentally friendly way. This means, no real bullets (in my case, that’s probably for the better) and no pigeons, clay nor real.


On a chilly Thursday evening, my dad and I arrived at Brasschaat’s Castle, where the others had already started. (When I go somewhere with my dad, we’re always late.) I had to be patient for a long time before it was my turn. I tried to ease the wait by thinking out strategies with my dad.


Strategies or not, shooting clay pigeons (even though they are not pigeons, but plastic frisbee-like thingies) is not as easy as it looks. Or at least it looked reasonably simple to me… During my first round, I hit 1 pigeon. That’s all. Of course, I was totally disappointed. But then again, why did the dude who was supervising the game not tell me beforehand how to use that (freakingly heavy) gun?!

At my second try, I got my highest score. Too bad it wasn’t the best score in the group. I ended second place. The third time, I ended in second place again… after the same guy I had lost from the round before! How annoying!


So I didn’t end up in the final 8. Which was sad – I get quite competitive, although I’m not a bad loser either – but I got over it easily. The guy who’d won the whole competition had beaten me those two times before, which meant I had lost from the best guy in the whole group.

Clay pigeon shooting is something I have never really considered doing: first of all, because of the elitist air that hangs around the sport and second, because of the backfire and my lack of aiming skills (which I wouldn’t have minded if it weren’t for reason number 1). I know, sucky reasons. But where the hell was I going to get the opportunity to do it anyway?

Using laser guns makes the sport not only more environmentally friendly, it also makes the activity more accessible for people like me and my dad. It’s fun and easy once you get the hang of it. It’s worth a shot (pun intended).


Have you ever gone clay pigeon shooting? Is it on your bucketlist? Would you not go do something because it is considered to be a higher-class activity?


What do you say?

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