Bucketlist #7-8: Travel with a Friend & Hitchhiking

I actually can’t imagine this being on many people’s bucketlist, but it was definitely on mine: “travel with a friend”.

From a young age, my father took me to places all around the world, but never had I traveled with just people my age. Not until February of last year. It was the one and only time as well.

The same week when I came back from Erasmus in Barcelona, my best friend A. and I decided we needed some quality time. We agreed to go to Paris. We hitchhiked – yes, we did, don’t look so shocked! It was both terrible and amazing! We left early on a Sunday morning and were dropped off on the side of the E19, a Belgian highway… and stayed there for the next two hours. We’d picked the worst stop of the entire highway of course.

Anyways, it took us a solid 8 hours to hitchhike to Paris, which I think is a reasonable time-span. It’s very exciting, not knowing when and in whose car you’ll end up, what you’ll be talking about etc. It made the whole visit of Paris feel new! I have been to Paris many times, but can’t compare any of those visits with this one. The only thing I hated about this way of traveling was the weather: I solemnly swear I will never hitchhike in winter again. Aaargh the cold! (Now imagine me singing the most appropriate song in the world: Let it Go.)

So the hitchhiking went quite well and I would totally do it again someday. Honestly, I had my doubts about traveling with any of my friends, but if I had to choose someone, I would have chosen A. All of my friends have such different interests from mine, that I couldn’t imagine it being any fun. But traveling with my best friend was fun! Sharing one of my favorite cities in the world was something I hadn’t done before. It may seem obvious, simple, straightforward or whatever, but I thought it was special. The only seriously bad thing that happened during the trip was that my iPhone was stolen. I cried 5 seconds and went on with my life. If I hadn’t had my friend with me, though, I would have felt completely lost…

Have you ever traveled with your best friend (or with a group of friends)? How did it go? Was it how you hoped it would be? And what about hitchhiking? Did you try it or are you a true-to-the-heart hitchhiker? Do you think it is too dangerous? Or would you do it anyway?


What do you say?

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