Bucketlist #9: Cuddle with Little Tigers

When I was in Thailand almost 9 years ago, I got the opportunity to go in a cage filled with tigers. Baby tigers, that is. And I would be allowed to touch them! How cool is that! Would you say no to that?


Frankly, the only thing I remember is the actual being in a cage with 3 months-old tigers. I don’t remember where the actual place was, how much it cost or anything like that. Like I cared back then… I was 14, you know. Who cares about little details like that when they can’t even legally drink yet (you need to be 16 in Belgium, by the way).


You may already touch baby tigers when you’re 14, though. They weren’t as soft as I’d thought. Their fur is quite sturdy. At least, on their backs it is. That’s the only place we were allowed to touch them. Not the belly, not the legs and paws, not the tail nor the head. O well, it was pretty exciting already!


Nothing else happened but me being in the cage with about 10 other people, going from tiger to tiger and take pictures. They are such lazy creatures… But seeing them sleep is so cute! Like you could expect anything else.



Have you ever cuddled with a (baby) tiger before? Is it on your bucketlist? 


What do you say?

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