Bucketlist #10: See a Shooting Star

High school. Backyard birthday parties. Summer. Sleeping outside the tent. Watching the starry night sky. And then suddenly… O, no. That’s a plane. But there! Yes, that was one!

A shooting star.

During the last three summers of high school there was always at least one birthday party to go to where we’d all end up “sleeping” in the garden, but were looking up at the night sky, trying the find the big bear. The last smoldering pieces of firewood made the air smell less fresh then it probably would have otherwise. And then *poof* a shooting star speeded by. It took me a while to recognize one, though, because I’d always pick out the planes.

Those nights… I haven’t had one like them in a long time. But, truthfully, I didn’t enjoy them too much, because I’m that person who’s always cold and if you know the Belgian climate, you know what I’m talking about.

Let me also take this opportunity to share with you something that is on my bucketlist but that I haven’t yet accomplished: I would very much like to see the milky way. I have seen some pretty darn amazing starry skies (most amazing one: South-Africa for sure!), but never the milky way. Have you?

Okay, I’m sure you wanna know by now: did I make a wish and, if so, did it come true? Actually… no. But I did get something better!

Have you ever seen a shooting star? If yes, did your wish come true?


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