Bucketlist #16: Own a Holiday Home in Spain

As always, I’ll be completely honest with you: #16 wasn’t on my list like this. Owning a holiday home was, but I’d hoped to get one in Italy. And the house is not actually mine, it’s my dad’s (but those are just details). The point is, I got one!

bucketlist house spain

Credits: Ann Van den Eynde

I have always loved it when we traveled to Tuscany and Umbria in Italy and just drove around in the beautiful painting-like landscapes, stopping in all of the little towns, sometimes on top of hills and almost always inside centuries-old city walls to eat the most delicious food in the whole world. So, when I decided I wanted to have a house in another country some day, I knew I wanted one in Tuscany.

house spain bucketlist

Credits: Ann Van den Eynde

Then the day came my dad told me he wanted to not buy but build a house a Spain of all places. He told me this the year we decided to spend the summer holidays in Tuscany again after having gone to Spain the year before (and not having particularly liked it). So of course I wondered if everything was alright with him. But he appeared to be perfectly serious.

bucketlist house spain

The house we bought, based on a picture

I already wrote about visiting the construction site of the house last year in October in my Erasmus Diary. Now the house is finished and I get to share some pictures with you!

I have to admit, besides Barcelona there aren’t that many places in Spain that I’m particularly fond of. But then I discovered the provincia autonoma called Murcia. And especially the Mar Menor – Little Sea – with its micro climate and photogenetic light, where the house is situated, is honestly the most perfect place to have a holiday home. Relatively undiscovered by tourists and now knowing suffienctly Spanish to make my way around, I can honestly say it love it there!

house spain bucketlist

Credits: Ann Van den Eynde

If you’d like me to tell you more about this, let me know! For now, though, I’ll have to save it for another time.


Is owning a holiday home in another country on your bucketlist too?


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