Blonde Gone International #3: I have more ex-cities than ex-boyfriends

I am a girl gone international because I have more ex-cities than ex-boyfriends – Girl GI

Blonde Gone International

The fact that I have more ex-cities (50? 60? 100?) than ex-boyfriends is probably a good thing. Don’t you think? I mean, if the amounts would level up (or be higher *swallow*) than I’d be called the S-word.

This statement by Girl GI is one that made me think of something else. Not having a boyfriend when you love to travel alone as a girl is both a blessing and unfortunate. I don’t know, because I’m not a guy, but I assume some of them may feel the same way as us, girls, about this. (I’m not going to push you to answer!)

I’ve been traveling all my life – at first always with my dad and brother, but since a little more than a year, I also travel by myself. From friend’s experiences mostly, I know that it is (or used to be) hard to leave your boyfriend behind when you had to go on a holiday with your parents or with your friends. Luckily, I’ve never had to experience this. However, I do know what it’s like to leave a guy you like behind to go on a holiday (with your family). Not knowing what might be going on while you’re away, knowing you can’t do anything about it if something does, it’s frustrating. You may think of the time you could be spending together at home or – and this is more likely I think – about the things you could be doing or places you could be discovering together at your destination. I can honestly say I have never traveled with a boyfriend, but, as a girl, it is something I dream about doing someday. Who doesn’t, even if it’s the other way around?

On the other hand, not having a boyfriend while you travel gives you a lot of freedom. When you don’t have to leave anyone behind, you don’t have to worry about making guy friends – pictures taken of you could make him jealous or could be wrongly interpreted. Or, who knows, you might meet someone on the road! Moreover, traveling with your boyfriend is often considered to be the perfect relationship test. When you’re not at home, you tend to behave differently – do you still like each other this way? Also, you can discover whether you are really as compatible as you think – do you have the same interests and ways of traveling? Can you work along even when you have different opinions?

Boyfriend or not, I am still looking for the perfect travel companion. I absolutely love to travel alone, but there are some places in the world that I’d like to discover with someone by my side. Defining the perfect travel companion is a hard – maybe even an impossible – thing to do and doing it will be something for another day.

Is your boyfriend/husband your perfect travel companion?


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