Bucketlist #17: Swim in the Ojo del Agua

Ever heard of those legends about the existence of a fountain of youth and life potions and the like? Well, some people believe they are true. I got a chance to test this legend myself when I went to Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua and swam in the Ojo de Agua (the Eye of the Water): according to the story, I will live 7 years longer now.

Isla de Ometepe is an island on the most vicious lake I have ever come across. I have never gotten sick in any form of transportation, but on this lake – which is not even a sea – my stomach turned in every possible direction. I kept my breakfast inside, but not everyone on the ferry that took us from Granada to the island was that lucky.



Ojo de Agua is very well hidden in the woods, but it has become very popular with tourists. No wonder if you see how magical the place looks. When we were there during the Christmas holidays 4 years ago, it was pretty crowded, but the place breathes enough magicallity (is that a word?) to poor through all the people.

So what the heck is this place exactly? Ojo de Agua consists out of two swimming pools filled with natural, volcanic water. Remember I said I gained 7 years of life? Well, that’s because the water has some special qualities. The thermal spring water is continuously refreshed as it streams in through both the pools.

Do you feel like going for a swim that prolongs your life as well? The entrance fee for Ojo de Agua is $4. For this price you can swim as long as you want (soak up the magical powers and all that), use of the dressing rooms, toilets, parking lot and sunbeds. We found this place in the Loney Planet, but you can find directions on the Internet as well.

I don’t know how I’m going to measure wether I live longer or not, but I’m sure glad I tried! I mean, you never know…

Do you believe in fountains of youth? Have you ever come across something similar? Or do you stick to rejuvenating facial creams and treatments?


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