Bucketlist #18: Go on a Safari in Africa

Six years ago, I went with my family to South Africa. One of our goals? Going on a safari to see the Big Five: the lion (check!), the elephant (check!), the buffalo (of wildebeest – check!), the rhino (check!) and the leopard (not, unfortunately).

(Most of these pictures aren’t mine, because the quality of my Nokia back then wasn’t too great) 


The lion we saw, was laying lazy (as a lion, I guess) underneath a tree. We wouldn’t have seen him if it weren’t for the small group of photographers (with real camera’s and huge lenses).


What I really loved was seeing this elephant family taking a bath. We stopped to look at them for a long time. We also had a little adventure with the elephant from the picture below. He decided he wanted to take a walk on the road. The car behind us had to drive backward on the windy, bumpy road. And we? We chased them to take pictures!

We saw a pair of rhino’s. They were keeping an eye on us from a couple hundred meters away before they they turned around and ran – fast! – away into the high grass.

Anders Reizen

This wasn’t your typical safari, though. We drove around in a red Nissan, you know, in a car that you usually wouldn’t take into a natural reserve. Talk about a red flag! Anyways, we and the car made it in and out safely.

We got to see a lot of different animals, too: zebras, giraffes, impalas…

When we were not in the park, we were staying at the Bakubung Bush Lodge, which is right on the border of the park. You can actually see the animals walking past your breakfast table. Pretty amazing, it was!

Pilanesberg Accomodation



I liked this better than going to the zoo. First of all, because the animals around in cages but rather in a real natural environment. Second, because you feel like you participate in some way. For example, at Pilanesberg, they asked all the visitors to look out for wild dogs. If you saw one, you should indicate where exactly. This way, the rangers could follow the remaining ones.

African Reservations

African Reservations

African Budget Safaris

Is going on a safari or seeing the Big Five on your bucketlist too?


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