Blonde Gone International #4: I Love Traveling Alone

I am a girl gone international, because I love traveling alone Girl GI


I was almost not going to post this one (because of the spelling error), but then I decided this one was too important to let go. Plus, I like the picture. Now, let’s be real: this blog wouldn’t be here without my Erasmus experience. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my 5 months in Barcelona. And I’m pretty sure I would not love traveling alone if I hadn’t had the chance to do it while I was in Spain.

I went out to see the world for the first time by myself in September 2013. It was the right place, the right time and I had met the right people. Basically, the right things had happened and everything fell into place. It was now or never.

I was ready for a big change. And boy did I get one!

The (in)famous disease called wanderlust. O, who am I kidding? I don’t call wanderlust a disease. I call it a blessing.

I hadn’t heard of it before I actually started traveling. A lot of people want to see for themselves if they’ll get bitten, but I found the name for my virus a couple of months after I was “infected”.

Taking the step to travel alone has opened my eyes to a whole new world – literally and figuratively. I see a lot of things differently now. I’ve changed and – in my humble opinion – I think for the better. I’ve become more confident, I’ve learned about people and I know how to take care of myself (besides that I still can’t cook or wash my clothes, but I have survived until now, haven’t I?).

I have always been wary of people in general. I don’t trust people easily and, basically, I’m a total introvert. I’m not saying I’ve become an extrovert just because of traveling, but I don’t shun strangers as much as I used to. This is for a great part thanks to my student job as a promo girl in Belgium (a job in which you have to actively start talking to strangers). But trusting people was still incredible hard – unimaginable almost – to me.

But like I said, I met the right people that summer. They taught me about Couchsurfing (what it is and how to do it), but I also learned that they are the couchsurfers. And I liked these people, so who was to say that I wouldn’t like the others?

Can you imagine how big a step this was for me? To not just talk to strangers, but go live in a house with them for a couple of days, while I was all alone in a foreign country? It was hard, but I was lucky. I was lucky that my first experiences traveling alone and couchsurfing were as close to perfect as possible. This is when it happened: wanderlust.

I can’t get enough of traveling. I’ve fallen hard, I’m still falling – I love traveling alone.

How was your first time traveling alone? If you haven’t done it, would you ever?


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