Bucketlist #19: Walk on the Edge of an Active Volcano

I didn’t have high expectations when I heard I was going to see some volcano craters. But that was before I knew there were some active ones!


The Masaya Volcano Park in Nicaragua has seven craters of which 2 were active when I visited. There are a few rules you have to remember when you go near them: turn the nose of your car in the direction of the exit, so that in case of eruption you can escape as fast as you can. If it is too late to escape, lay down underneath your car to protect yourself from falling rocks. The last eruption was in 1979, so I wasn’t very worried.

But yeah, the tone was set.

Anyways, I don’t remember it smelling bad or smelling anything in particular (I mean, it’s already over four years ago). There was one crater which was particularly active. The conquistadores called it Boca del Infierno (Mouth of Hell). I tried very hard to see any lava, but I am not entirely sure I saw some sparks or if I imagined it. By the way, la Boca del Infierno is the only volcano you can reach by car in this part of the world.

I did succeed in taking some cool pictures. And frankly, saying you’ve walked on the edge of an active volcano is pretty cool, right?



Parked safely by edge – just in case!

Have you ever been up a (active) volcano? 


What do you say?

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