Bucketlist #20: Go In-karting

“In-karting is a fantastic and relaxing sport for young and old!” That’s what it says on the website of Inkart Puurs. It certainly did look fantastic to me when I visited the place in the past. Ever since my brother’s three birthday parties at the karting track in Puurs, I’ve wanted to try it myself. Not that I thought it would be relaxing, though – far from it. I mean, I don’t have a need for speed at all!

Like I’ve already said, I was scared to learn how to drive. I don’t mind rollercoasters and going fast and whatnot… as long as it’s not me behind the wheel. Karting seemed awesome, but terrifying. I just kept telling myself it would be like riding that jetski in South-Africa: exhilarating once I got the hang of it.

With a group of friends when went to the karting track. My brother had a couple of birthday parties here a few years back, so I knew how everything would go. I just hadn’t driven a kart yet. The reason? Not because I was scared. Please. My fear was more like healthy nervousness in hindsight. I couldn’t participate in the race, because my brother (who is two years younger than me) was also a lot smaller than me. He and his friends rode the kids’ karts. I was too tall for those. Go figure… Unfortunately, I was too young for the adult cars, so I couldn’t even ride if I wanted to.

But that time, I finally got my wish! I was way careful in the beginning, but once I got the hang of how to take the bends, how to catch up with someone and how to – mwuahaha – block someone, it was sooo much fun! Unfortunately, I am not the best racer in the world (I am not the worst either). I drifted a lot – by accident obviously, I only know what it is form The Fast and the Furious movies – and slipped often in the bends, but who cares. I had the best time.

Have you ever raced, karted or something similar? How was it? If you haven’t, is it on your bucketlist?


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