Blonde Gone International #6: I like to be able to pretend I am on holiday 365 days a year


Spring has sprung. My first afternoon working outside on the terrace – with a big glass of ice tea on the rocks to cool me down – is already behind me and I’m finally getting back in the holiday-mood. Sort of.

I am someone who always wants to do things on her own terms – no matter what it is. What this means, is that I like to take it easy and pretend that I’m on vacation all year round – yeah, I am one of those people who can’t stop working even when on holiday, so that doesn’t change anything. During the winter months, though, pretending becomes slightly more difficult, so I’m happy that the sun is warming up my little, rainy Belgium again. (Or it was, until this week…)

This school year, traveling has been pretty much off the table for me. I went to Cologne in October and that was kind of the last time I really traveled anywhere. Traveling is a holiday for me – a time to relax – but it’s also hard work. Being away from routine, bad influences and “the real world” is the relaxing part. The “working” part is researching my destination, finding out how to get from point A to point B and how to visit as many sights as possible in the limited time I have. But most of all, meeting new people as an introvert is what drains me of most of my energy. Not to mention that I tend to take my actual work with me when traveling so as not to feel too guilty.

Following this trail of thought, my last trip would have been my two weeks in Spain during the Christmas holidays. I didn’t get to do much relaxing, since I was trying to study most of the time and the rest of it I was either entertaining guests or translating Dutch-English-Spanish construction vocab words.

No wonder I’m looking forward to a real holiday by now!

But like I said, when the sun shines on the red roofs of the Belgian houses, I can convince even myself to feel like I’m on holiday. It’s almost like a survival instinct or something. I move to my grandma’s terrace, pour myself a glass of ice tea, jump into a bikini and sit out in the sun with my study books. In all honesty, this is just the way I work best. What charges a battery better than solar energy anyway?

How do you pretend to be on holiday when you’re not actually on one? Or do you just not?


What do you say?

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