Can you help me out with my bucketlist?


It has been a while since I got to scratch of new things of my bucketlist. Part of it is because I need help with some of the seemingly easy things, which I apparently can’t do on my own. So I thought, I’d ask you!

Here are some of the things I could really use your help with:

  • Learn to drive a scooter (you know, like a Vespa)
  • Catch a fish (and practice my patience)
  • Fly a kite (because I was never allowed to as a kid)
  • Drive a Smart (I think they’re cute)
  • Shoot a (hand)gun (because I wanna know what it feels like)
  • Sing at a karaoke bar (and conquer my fear of being in the center of attention)
  • Go to a festival (like Tomorrowland!)
  • Have a small part in a movie or series (so that my nine years of acting classes weren’t for nothing)
  • Archery (I have done this before, but I don’t really remember and have no pictures to help me recall the experience)

It would mean a great deal if you could help me out with my dreams. They may seem silly to you, but they have great meaning to me. But that’s always how it is with bucketlists, right? I have been dreaming about doing these things for four years (well, at least, cuz that’s just the moment I decided to write them down)!

Remember to start writing down your own goals, no matter how silly or how impossible they may seem. I started my list to prove to myself I can achieve things, that I’m not a complete failure and that my dreams can come true. That is also why I keep a list of goals I have already achieved, dreams that have become reality. If it’s something that you dream of achieving, than it’s worthy of your list. Experiencing these achievements and scratching them out makes you feel good and keeps your thoughts positive.

Happy bucketlisting!

Want to know what else is on my list? Check it out here.
Do you have a bucketlist or do you think I can help you out with your goals? Ask me!


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