Blonde Gone International #7: I choose experiences over things

I am a girl gone international, because I choose experiences over thingsGirl GI


While on Erasmus, my priorities gradually changed. I used to rather materialistic. I can be honest about this. This was intensified during primary school and most of secondary school, when I was bullied for my choice of clothing, the bags I carried, the brands of food I ate…

The things you owned defined you – that’s what I believed. Of course, it might be common for a teenage girl to think like this. But even when I started studying at the university, I still believed that I needed the best of the best in order not to be laughed at again.

While in Barcelona, however, my priorities shifted. Why pay €20 for a handbag when I could drive to Valencia for the same price? Why buy dresses and jewelry when I can use the same money to do city trips? And the more I traveled and visited new places, the stronger this new belief grew.

Suddenly, experiences became of more value to me than stuff. There’s this quote that I believe is absolutely true: “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” If you compare values and ROI’s – sorry, this is my academic side kicking in – you will see greater results from spending your money on traveling than on stuff.

Even more so, there is a positive correlation between traveling and buying behavior: the more you travel, the less stuff you need. Buying a new handbag while you have a perfectly good one seems so insignificant when every new place you visit, every person you meet there and all of the moments you experience will teach you so much more.

And these last few things – no one can take these away from you. These are the things that truly define you as a person. Clothes don’t change you. Experiences do. They enrich you.

Indeed, I’ll choose experiences over things almost any day of the week. I say almost because I’m a girl and I do still like to look good. I mean, duh.

Have a wanderful day!


Do you feel like traveling has made you richer? Do you choose things over experiences?


What do you say?

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