Blonde Gone International #8: My friends come and go

I am a girl gone international because my friends come and goGirl GI


In general, we can say people move in and out of our lives all the time. Friends come and go. But if you travel, this process seems to happen at a whole other rate.

Nomadic Matt recently wrote a recognizable blog post on this topic: Traveling and the Art of Losing Friends.

I haven’t lost friends because I was gone for too long, but I have noticed people like me less because many of my stories or replies start when “When I was in…”. I don’t do that to make people jealous or to brag or anything like that. It’s just that my stories abroad are sometimes usually the most interesting.

Never having had a lot of friends in terms of numbers – one of the perks of being an introvert – I have had a group of steady friends. All of them have gone to different universities after high school, but we still see each other every few months and it’s always like we saw each just the other week. These are my true friends and I can honestly say they will be for a long time to come. No matter where our lives are headed when we all graduate, move, start working… I don’t think our friendship will fade.


However, long-term travelers do know the issue of coming home after a few weeks or months and noticing that their “friends” don’t feel like meeting up, don’t contact them… basically, you feel like you have to make every effort and it’s mostly all for nothing. It must be like Hello! I’m right here, people! and your “friends” just roll their eyes and move on. That idea is kind of frightening, isn’t it? No one likes to be truly alone.

Traveling makes you realize who your real friends are. They are the ones who care. They are happy to see you excited for your next adventures and will ask how’s it going while you’re away. When you return, they won’t let you down. They’ll help you settle back in and are just as happy to share with you what they’ve been up to and as they’ll gladly listen and ask questions about your (mis)adventures.

The point is: don’t let the possibility of losing “friends” stop you from living your dream.

Besides, who doesn’t want a friend who travels? They are so useful to have! Friends-who-travel can give you all the insider-tips on how to pack a carry-on, where to eat and what places to avoid.

Have a wanderful day!



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