Happy Thanksgiving!

January 4, 2016



Every year, on the last Thursday of November, it is tradition in the USA to celebrate a wonderful event: Thanksgiving. Being part of a program that focuses on cultural awareness, and having two girls in our class who know all about this holiday, we simply had to celebrate!

Madeline Elardo, born in America, and Ameyo Kugbe, living and studying in the USA for five years now, took the lead in organizing a whole Thanksgiving buffet for our class. I know the question is laying at the tip of your tongue: was there a stuffed turkey? Well, of course there was!

With the help of Mark, the enthusiastic and fun owner of Pain d’Anvers (also known as Lunchlab, which is located next door to AMS), we were able to serve the biggest stuffed turkey I have ever seen, alongside many other dishes made by the students in our class: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, a Kenyan rice dish, real American mac & cheese, delicious salads… It was all there!


This evening was a nice time to chat, catch up with our classmates and, of course, to say what we are thankful for. Madeline started of by thanking our class for celebrating one of her favorite holidays with her. Turn by turn, we all named the things we were grateful for.

Why don’t you think about it now! Who would you like to thank? What are you thankful for?

One month ago, we celebrated the Indian holiday Diwali, now Thanksgiving… I like celebrating these different holidays with my class and am already looking forward to what is coming next!

But for now,

Happy Thanksgiving!


(This article appeared first on AMSlife and was also republished in Dutch on Claudia Goes Abroad.) 


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