Blonde Gone International #9: My FB feed is in 6 different languages

I am a girl gone international because my Facebook newsfeed is in 6 different languages – Girl GI


Dutch, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili… These are the languages that most often adorn my Facebook feed.

When you travel, or meet foreigners in other ways, you add them on Facebook to keep in touch, right? So obviously, you’re feed will get a multicultural edge as well.

Honestly, I think this is what makes my feed interesting. Not the content itself – because really, people post a lot of bullshit online these days (and that is not excluding myself) – but the variety of people.

Having such a wide range of different kinds of people, from all over the world, talking in so many languages, sharing news from all over the globe and how they feel about it… Who needs to watch the news?!  When you can get it straight from the people who are affected by it…

Being someone who loves to learn new things, new languages also, I find my Facebook feed so incredibly interesting. Recently, I took up learning Hindi as a new language. To practice, I often scroll through comments of my Indian friends and try to pick up the words I know or try to pronounce their sentences out loud till I get it right. It is also a nice way to see when I need to refresh my Spanish.

I love watching pictures and videos from my fellow travelers. Besides this, Facebook is also a good way to find out if anyone you haven’t seen for months or even years is in town. So I can catch them and meet up.

Even though I may waste too much time scrolling through Facebook, it is such a handy medium in so many ways…

I’m curious! Which languages do you see while scrolling through your Facebook feed?


What do you say?

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