Bucket List #26: Ride a Camel

So, I have this thing with transportation on my bucket list… Remember?

I already told you in my very first post about my elephant ride in Thailand (and I just have to add, I was not aware at that time how these poor elephants are often treated to please tourists, so you’ll have to forgive me).

I told you about my dream to learn how to drive a car and to own one. 

You know how scared I was to climb on that jetski in South-Africa but I did it anyway and loved it.

Oh, and how I succeeded in horseback riding in the Costa Rican rainforest without falling of!

And there’s the time when I went indoor karting after all those years where I couldn’t because I was too tall for the kid karts and too young for the adult ones.

Today, I will tell you about my short, but totally worth it, ride on a camel in Puri, India.


So, let me briefly catch you up to speed as to why I was in India in the first place.

Last January till April, I lived and studied and traveled in India for the international business program I partook in. I lived and studied in Xavier Institute of Management in Bhubaneswar (don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal that you’ve never heard of this place) and traveled all over the country. Puri is a famous coast town in the same state of which Bhubaneswar is the capital city. It is very popular with Indian tourists, who visit this famous temple with a name that is too long to remember and then go to the beach to relax and swim.

The first time I went to Puri was the Sunday of my first week in India. We had partied the night before and went to visit the town and beach the next day. While half the group went back to Bhubaneswar, I hung back with our Indian batchmates to spend some more time on the beach. I mean, who knew when I would get the chance to come back, right?



Here I found out you could ride a camel. The sun was setting and I could already imagine how nice it would be to do this ride by the sea… So, of course I did it! Actually, it was kind of a similar experience as the elephant ride. You get shaken around a lot. Otherwise, the setting was absolutely amazing. The beach, the sun setting in the sea, making the water glimmer like the lights in my christmas tree right now. Just gorgeous.

The only downside was the fact that as soon as I got of the camel, the owner tried to rip me off. Just great. Ruin my perfectly great experience… Good thing I was with my indian friends, who negotiated down the outrageously high price. Especially to Krishna, thanks again if you read this!


Would you like to ride a camel one day?


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