Bucketlist #28-29: Rock Climbing & Abseiling

In the 3C Adventures series, I have already told you how I lived through the Tata Steel leadership and survival camp. It was also in the middle of nowhere that I got to cross of two things on my bucket list that I didn’t think I was even capable of doing.

I have to admit, there are a lot of adventure sports on my bucket list (also abseiling), but I didn’t really know what it was. It just sounded cool, you know? Abseiling is when you rope down against a flat surface, such as a rock face. It was not at all hard and a fun thing to try. It looks quite cool, really.

The funnest thing about this experience was convincing my friends with fear of heights to try out this activity. This was, after all, a group experience and helping each other reach our goals was the main objective of this activity.




Also, I got to go rock climbing. We were taught some valuable rock climbing techniques like the chimney, where you climb up or downward in a narrow crack in between two rock faces. The only gear we used was a helmet, our brains, our hands and our newly learned climbing techniques. Good thing we had some experienced guides to show us how to do it. They all reached at least one of the seven summits.

Rock climbing was such a liberating experience, because again, even though it was on my bucket list, I never thought myself capable of doing it, let alone enjoy it!

This time as well, I helped my team members conquer heights and their fear of small & narrow spaces. It was a great adventure! This was definitely out of my comfort zone and I did get some scratches and stuff, but that was nothing compared to the feeling we all got when we reached the top of the mountain!




Which adventures sports are on your bucket list? Would you go rock climbing and/or abseiling?


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