Bucketlist #30: Canopy Tour in South Africa

You probably know what ziplining is? You may even have done it yourself once or twice! A canopy tour is basically a route through a wooded, mountainous landscape. The route is established using zip-lines and aerial bridges between platforms that are built high up in the trees. Basically you discover the forest like Tarzan and Jane!


Source: travelexcellence.com

A canopy tour is a unique way to discover new parts of countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand or South-Africa, where it is a popular tourist activity. But basically, the concept of canopy tours dates back far into history, where the technique was used – and sometimes still is being used (like in Peru for example) – because it is the only way to get from point A to point B.


Source: ketaka.com

I was quite young when I did a canopy tour in South-Africa. Unfortunately, this means I also don’t have my own pictures from the experience. However, I do recommend you to try out this activity one time, wherever you want! I know that Costa Rica also offers nice canopy tour packages.

Would you go on a canopy tour?


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