About the Blonde

Who is that Blonde saying she’s going traveling? 

Claudia is a 23 year young blonde who has traveled to 4 continents and 26 countries. She has traveled solo, with her family, with friends, through studies and during language courses abroad. Claudia loves to write and talk about things she cares about: that’s how this blog got started.
Driven by her wanderlust, Claudia has tried out new ways of traveling, met lots of interesting people and learned a lot of valuable things about the world. In addition, Claudia has made it one of her life goals to encourage women to travel solo.

The Blonde in Numbers

  • She visited 4 continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North- and  Central-America.
  • That equals the following 26 countries: Andorra, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Portugal, Scotland, Slowakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Vatican.
  • She discovered solo-travel only 3 years ago!
  • The Blonde speaks 4 languages and knows useful phrases in many more, so she can ask for directions in the local language (usually).
  • Her all-time dream destinations are #1 Australia and New-Zealand, #2 Scandinavia & Iceland, #3 anywhere in South-America.
  • The Blonde’s bucketlist used to be 4 pages long (before it was swallowed into the nothingness of the Internet and never returned).

Other tidbits about The Blonde

  • She is now a big supporter of the sharing economy. #SharingIsCaring
  • The Blonde is a coffee addict. For real.
  • She’s a bookworm. It’s an easy way to be transported to another country & adventure! Just sayin’…
  • Her favorite ‘movies that make you want to travel’ are Into the Wild, The Bucketlist, Leap Year, Up in the Air, Letters to Juliet, Eat Pray Love, Cast Away, Taken (1 and 2), The Hangover (all 3), Up and many more.
  • Since she turned 16, she goes everywhere on Converse shoes (even to Nicaraguan volcanoes, Costa Rican rainforests and Scottish Highlands).
  • Palm trees make her more excited than is good for her.

If you have any questions, requests or if there’s anything you want to say, leave your message here. Would love to hear from you!

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